What matters should the amusement equipment manufacturers pay attention to in the course of operation?

What items do we need to pay attention to when new amusement equipment is in operation? With the rapid development of the society, the competitiveness of the amusement equipment industry is becoming more and more competitive, and there will be a different degree of problems in the operation process. So how can we get through the operation process in high investment and high risk? The following is the amusement equipment manufacturer to explain to you what matters should be paid attention to in the operation process.

First, the safety distance of the guardrail around the new amusement equipment is 1 meters, for example, the outer fence of the horse.

Two, pay close attention to the dynamics of tourists and stop the unsafe behaviors of individual tourists in time.

Three, check the carrying capacity, ancillary equipment and playground to ensure that they are neat and orderly, clean and clean, and there is no hidden danger.

In the operation of new amusement equipment, we must ensure the safety of the person, carefully read the safety precautions of the related ride equipment before riding, and do not extend the body part of the head and hand outside the cockpit, and do not open the safety belt such as the safety belt in the course of the operation, so as to avoid the safety of the adult. Therefore, it is believed that investors will grasp the relevant safety precautions during the operation process, and will surely manage the playground facilities, thereby running the funds.

Large amusement equipment is often seen in the current parks and playgrounds. Nowadays, the variety of large amusement equipment is often bad.

In this case, the amusement facilities should be delimited according to the scale, at least once every 15 days to carry out the asylum maintenance, and the asylum maintenance staff should respond to the large amusement facilities to carry out the daily inspection, monthly inspection, quarterly inspection, annual inspection, and fill in the Association records.

There should be a daily asylum examination to ensure the integrity of the lifesaving equipment. The vehicle should not destroy the crew and be free to stray on the water, and should be equipped with a sufficient lifeguard. The lifeguard should win the lifeguard qualification certificate. High level monitoring posts should be set up for facilities that are difficult to observe on the water surface.

Setting up of the rope: the longest rope can not be used for 4 years. The lifting facilities (hanging) steel wire ropes should be checked every day to ensure that the rope head combination and the ends of the rope are intact and intact, and the wire rope should have no broken wires and rust.

The use of wire rope at the top of the rope ropeway can not take 4 years. Set up standby power supply for amusement: all parts of generator should be sheltered and maintained every year, so as to ensure that all components of standby power supply are normal and complete.

Music equipment manufacturers should strictly check each recreation set before each display card, upstream from the height, the physical situation, the past medical history and set the dangerous level of incentive are more detailed, prompting the passengers to do their work.


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