Children's non-standard amusement equipment - what are the problems of non-standard customized equipment?

Since the development of the children's amusement equipment industry, traditional amusement equipment has gradually become saturated in the market and is gradually being eliminated. Although the emerging non-standard customized equipment is not yet the mainstream of the market, the industry has been improving rapidly, and its market share has also been increasing in recent years. Many buyers with irregular plots also see hope. Non-standard customization means that there is no standard, which is undoubtedly a good news for irregular venues where traditional fixed amusement equipment cannot be placed. However, the development of non-standard customized equipment is mainly due to its unique advantages. But at the same time, there will inevitably be some problems. So what are the advantages and problems of non-standard customized equipment? Let's take a look together!

First, the advantages of non-standard customized equipment

1. Visual impact, various forms

Now most of the non-standard customized amusement facilities appear in the form of themes. Appearance design, color, tone and pattern all attract the participation of the corresponding crowd, and at the same time, it can also raise the level of the playground to a new level. Ordinary amusement equipment is just a single device, without a sense of design, let alone texture. If it is paired with a new color scheme, it will be amazing.

2. More interesting and playable

There is a reason why non-standard customized amusement facilities are loved by so many people. It is very challenging and highly interesting. Taking the combined slide as an example, the product height difference is very large. At the same time, it can be combined with other equipment such as climbing equipment or rope net climbing equipment, and the height from the height to the ground can reach more than ten meters, which is unprecedented for ordinary amusement equipment. There are also some non-standard play equipment with special shapes, which can let children immerse themselves in the status quo and enjoy themselves.

3. Increase your child’s interaction

Ordinary amusement equipment is single and isolated, and children have long been tired of aesthetics, and even feel very conflicted in their hearts. However, after integrating several games, the non-standard customized amusement facilities have designed a new game mode, which has a large operating area, and children can play in teams, which greatly increases the interactivity of the equipment, which is naturally a new profit growth point.

4. Be more international

Non-standard customized amusement facilities are very popular in the European and American markets, and Westerners are always at the forefront of the world. China started relatively late, and the production capacity of manufacturers is gradually increasing. Some manufacturers can specialize in manufacturing. For example, Wende Amusement can complete the whole process of non-standard amusement equipment, from site planning and design, product production and installation to post-sale service.

5. Future development direction

Today, the overall proportion of non-standard custom rides is about 7.5%. With the emergence of more market demand, the overall proportion may expand to 15% in the next five years. In the next 10 years, up to 30% of the equipment will be non-standardized and customized, and the state will also introduce new laws and regulations to regulate this production behavior.

2. Problems existing in non-standard customized equipment

1. The difficulty of the industry

Non-standard customized amusement facilities can be made larger and more complex, which increases the difficulty of amusement to a certain extent and increases the revenue of the venue, which is also the reason why many investors pursue this kind of equipment. Although the country allows some equipment to exist outside the standard, it should be known that the inspection system for such equipment is relatively strict. In order to put it into normal use in the market, it needs a lot of inspection procedures after design and production before it can be opened normally.

2. Industrial cooperation

Since non-standard customized amusement facilities involve new product design, inspection, production, raw material assembly and maintenance, these all require cooperation between various manufacturers. The design unit gives the drawings according to the customer's requirements, and then the manufacturer and raw material suppliers are responsible for making the finished product, and then get the national laboratory for inspection and testing.

3. Long cycle

There is no public version design for non-standard customized amusement facilities, resulting in a long cycle. According to the survey, it takes several months to half a year for customized equipment to be impl


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