Small and medium-sized amusement equipment-Is there a development prospect for children's indoor small amusement equipment?

According to the data of the sample survey by the National Bureau of Statistics of my country, children's consumption accounts for about 33% of the total household expenditure in my country. The total monthly consumption of children under the age of 12 in China is about 4 billion. 85% of families spend 30% of their total household expenditure on children, of which 8.1% is spent on children's entertainment. It is enough to see that this number is very large, and the proportion of children's consumption is so large, so will the development prospects of children's indoor small amusement equipment be very good? Let's take a look together~

1. The development prospect of children's indoor small amusement equipment

1. Market analysis

From the market analysis, the third- and fourth-tier cities are still in the development stage, the market is relatively vacant, and the development space is large. Unlike first- and second-tier cities, which are relatively well-developed, all walks of life are full, and store competition is fierce. Moreover, the cost of venues and other aspects is higher than that of third- and fourth-tier cities. Investors open indoor children's playgrounds in the third and fourth lines. First, it can save a certain amount of operating costs. Second, the market development is relatively vacant, the competition is not so great, and the development prospects are broad. Consumers in the amusement industry are mostly young people and children, with children accounting for the largest proportion. Therefore, indoor small amusement equipment is a product for children to consume. It is undeniable that large amusement facilities and large and medium-sized children's amusement facilities are the soul symbols of amusement park equipment and are indispensable to the amusement industry. However, this type of equipment has large investment, slow cost recovery, large floor space and limited operating space, and indoor small amusement equipment does not have these shortcomings, so the market potential of small amusement equipment is very huge.

2. Industry analysis

Indoor small amusement equipment can be said to be the development direction of China's amusement industry at this stage. Looking at the amusement industry in China, it first developed and prospered in the coastal areas and a few cities in the interior in the late 1980s. After more than 20 years of development, amusement facilities can be seen everywhere in amusement parks, playgrounds and parks. However, most of them are large amusement facilities and large and medium-sized children's amusement facilities, and indoor small amusement equipment is rarely seen, which shows that there is still a lot of room for development in the market prospect.

3. Survey analysis

The population of third- and fourth-tier cities in my country is much larger than that of first-tier cities, and most of them are the elderly and children. The demand for children's rest and entertainment in fourth-tier cities is much greater than that in first- and second-tier cities. Coupled with the development of the economic level, the improvement of living standards, and the change of family education concepts, many families are willing to spend a lot of time, money and energy on the education and entertainment of their children. Children are more and more willing to spend money on food, drink and fun. Therefore, purchasing indoor small amusement equipment in third- and fourth-tier cities is a business.

2. The development background of children's indoor small amusement equipment

1. Great advantages for children's development

①. Cultivate children's sense of innovation

Indoor small amusement equipment corresponds to teenagers aged 2-13. Children of this age are in a critical period of physical and mental development. Small indoor play equipment can allow children to immerse themselves in the play environment and cultivate children's innovative awareness during play.

②.Explore the potential of the child

Indoor small amusement equipment is as challenging as ordinary children's amusement equipment. Children can subtly stimulate their physical potential by playing different amusement projects, and then complete the challenges and improve their overall quality.

③.Promote the healthy and happy growth of children

Indoor small play equipment encourages children to choose independently, provides a variety of possibilities for children's games, and uses multi-sensory experience to create an environment conducive to children's healthy and happy growth.

2. Market background

Usually, the children's parents are busy with work or business, and spend less time with their children at home. Based on the "compensation psychology", parents are extra generous to their children's consumption. On the other hand, parents often project their re


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