Lesgo amusement equipment co.,ltd.

lesgo amusement equipment co.,ltd was established at the beginning of this century. It has a strong mechanical strength and technical strength for more than 10 years. From the cutting, cutting, folding and bending of raw materials to car, milling, planing, welding and precision assembly, all the processes are completed by the company's workshop independently. In April 2015, our 3000 square glass steel plant was completed. The new and beautiful shell was completed by its own glass fiber reinforced plastic company. The quality and supply cycle of the product are in full control of the product quality and supply cycle, so as to achieve high quality, efficient and comprehensive cooperation for your needs. You can also make a complete set of equipment and decorating plans for your site (including FRP and cement molding). In 2016, our workshop expanded to 8000 square meters, and another 2000 square product exhibition hall. We await your guidance.


Our products include: Deluxe horse, magic spray disc, leaping swing, dream rocking chair, giraffe flying chair, money cat, sightseeing train, rail train, roller coaster, flying car, animal turning chair, child battery car, bumper car and various rocking machines and so on, the company is equipped with senior professional new product research and development team. To provide new and efficient amusement equipment for your venues, the products are sold throughout the country, Hong Kong and Macao, and exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America.





Business purpose

Reputation first, high-quality service


Business goal

Professional qualification, building a brand


Enterprise spirit

Unity, competition, truth-seeking and innovation